Automation Solution

One basic thing that prevents companies from becoming bigger and better is the time spent in handling back-end services. These comprise of keeping a track on customer requests, returns, sales, billing and dispatches. A lot of businesses are unable to scale up since they lack the manpower to handle all of this work. This leads to a loss in the time and energy that can be spent in improving business, and the focus of the company tends to shift from actual work to micro-management.

Shrishijee believes in providing solutions that can help our clients spend more time in bringing sales and less time managing the smaller tasks. This is done with the help of automation solutions. We believe that for a company to scale up and achieve greater things, they need to put all of their thoughts into making a better product and service. In turn, they can leave the day-to-day system work on our shoulders, and trust us to find a way to make them fall into place.

Our automation solutions are designed to help clients focus and reduce clerical effort on their end. We create solutions that are easy to use and navigate. They can be scaled up or adapted to the needs of any business. They can even be added to an existing website or work structure for easier management.

The team at Shrishijee has a rich set of skills in the process of creating automated functions. They have used these skiils to improve the overall functioning at the company, which means that we are able to work more efficiently and happily when it comes to our clients. Our team believes in understanding the needs of the client thoroughly before embarking on any project.

As a result, we sit with our clients and elicit as much information as possible to deliver one product that can offer every possible solution. Not only does it help our clients, it improves our productivity in the long run.

To achieve this goal, we provide many different kinds of services.

Wе саn make applications іn any саtеgоrу rаngіng frоm:

  1. Business Android Apps
  2. Education Android Apps
  3. Fіnаnсе Andrоіd Aррѕ
  4. Health & Fіtnеѕѕ Andrоіd Aррѕ
  5. Muѕіс Android Aррѕ
  6. Phоtо & Vіdео Andrоіd Apps
  7. Sосіаl Nеtwоrkіng Android Aррѕ
  8. Sроrtѕ Andrоіd Apps
  9. Utilities Andrоіd Apps

Automating Data Entry:Behind each company, there is a need to enter various types of data. Beginning from the details of the users and customers, to working with vendors and registering them as part of the payment system. Often enough, talented employees spend a lot of time working on these systems as compared to their actual job. Shrishijee makes sure that none of our own employees or your employees get caught up in the work. We offer automated solutions for data entry that will take over the work and streamline it for further use.

Automating Product Management:For many a website, the process of replacing and adding new products is not automatic. There are workers in the back-end that must take note of the finished products and mail their suppliers to get more stock. This is an issue that is often seen in clients that have just started a new e-commerce store and sell exclusive items in smaller quantities. Shrishijee provides automated solutions to keep the products available in stock when required. This allows the founders of the stores to reduce on cost, hours of operation and spend more time finding customers for their business.

Automating Communication:Getting the right communication to the right person can often take an astounding amount of time. This happens due to a lack of automated communication between different departments. Automated solutions for communication ensure that there is no barrier between getting message from one person to another. As a result, business processes happen faster and there is no delay in servicing the customer. It also helps in improving inter-office communication, so that all branches of the company remain on the same page without putting in any extra amount of effort.

Automating Logistics:For any client, managing logistics can take up a lot of time and effort. In terms of physical product delivery, it requires an understanding of the different ways in which a product can be transported. For other products and services, they must be able to figure out how to deliver the product and provide the required support for it. Shrishijee can provide automated solutions for logistics, allowing companies to spend more time creating the perfect product and less time worrying about how to manage it.

Automated Order Processing:A great sales rep should spend time finding better business opprtunties. Instead, they spend a lot of effort in processing orders and ensuring that they are sent to the right person. This can delay the product delivery and lead to unhappy clients. By creating the correct channels, Shrishijee’s automated solutions help sales reps to concentrate directly on taking the orders, putting them into the system and showing the client an immediate result.

Automated Payment Solutions:For new companies that operate online stores or gather leads and business online, having a good payment gateway is necessary. It prevents the hassle of first getting the prospective customer to see a product and then have them pay separately to the company. As part of our automated solutions, we provide the ability to show product costs, bulk purchase costs, discounted prices and options to make payments as per the need of our clients. Not only does it reduce the time spent in following up after payments, it creates a happier customer – client relationship.

We believe that automated solutions offer so much more than just the removal of a reptitive task. It increases efficiency in the work place. The cost of operating a business reduces drastically, as much of the effort involved in making calls and handling logistics is reduced. There is more time to spend on ideating as compared to execution. All in all, we strongly believe that it brings a tremendous amount of value to our clients and their work.

Shrishijee aims to provide the best automation solutions for all kinds of businesses. If you are interested in upgrading your work and spending less time in handling the tiny details, don’t hesistate and get in touch with us.